Submissive or Lazy Fetishist?

So far, I have written a little on my experience with submissives who choose to top from the bottom.  Generally, my interactions have been of a positive nature.  Each party is clearly aware of the expectations of the other.  I still receive numerous requests from submissives who seek to bombard me with their fetish.  Before they get a chance, I simply add them to my lengthening block list and focus my attention on my proper submissives.

A few months ago, I turned my back on real time and lifestyle BDSM.  Lately, the temptation has been creeping back.  In screening a list of potential playmaker, I realised something; the majority of ‘subs’ of today are simply lazy perverts.

Before you make an exaggerated expression of insult, bear in mind that I only refer to a number of people I have been interacting with.  Perhaps you consider yourself a true participant in your chosen position of D/s.  It seems that blog entries, videos and any material discussing BDSM that is well over than a decade highlights the wonderful interaction between a “master” and “slave”.  Meeting forums where BDSM enthusiasts would meet were filled with mutual respect.  Of course, the interwebs will always bring about some trolling.  People are so brave and reveal all insecurities when they can hide behind a keyboard.

More recently, searching through the numerous fetlife and collar space profiles, it seems that submissive males are only after one thing; lie down like a starfish while their bodies are used sexually.  Some clearly specify they would love to be ‘milked’ by the hand of a strong Goddess while they lie helpless.  Come on!  So basically, lie down and have a nap while someone gives you a free hand job.  I’m not one for colloquial acronyms, but GTFO!

For those who insist that the arousal is part of their submission then that is find.  Be aware that if you’re submitting, there has to be something in it for the other party involved.

Perhaps there are people out there who claim to be dominant and find contentment in pleasuring their submissive.  While I have no interest in that form of interaction, I am genuinely curious of how that is not a reversal of roles.

Well, that quickly took care of any thought of dabbling in lifestyle play.  In the meantime, you can watch me do my thing here:


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