The Hard Line

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 1.12.33 pm

I used to be compassionate.  I was a sweet domme who would consider fetishes and limits.  Someone you could confess your deepest desires and also talk about your day.  I was naive and rather innocent.  Thankfully, I use the past tense.

Now, I have blossomed into a cruel and sadistic person who does not give a single f*ck if you had a hard day.  My interest is in how close you can get to making your balls bleed.

I can happily say that I have traded in my humanity for a killer humiliation game.  Limits?  Not unless they’re mine!  Not happy with that arrangement?  Well, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.  Let it hit you on the balls, instead.

I do not believe a domme must be cruel in order to successfully order around her submisssives/slaves.  Many are cute, kind, polite and incredibly unassuming.  The stereotypical leather whip and latex attire is not as prominent in the BDSM world as it used to be.

Still, I do believe submissives require strict discipline and a constant reminder of their role as a ‘bottom’.  Every dominant woman has her own way of achieving this goal.

So, why the hard approach?  Compassion, kindness and allowing a submissive to make their own rules only results in topping from the bottom.  Perhaps other dominants can offer a different experience. However, I have not had much success keeping a sub in line by being ‘nice’.

So, I’m free to let my inner bitch shine, take the lead and play hard.


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