Fetish Queen

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“Get on your knees and squeal for me like the pig you are!”  This is one phrase I could never get away using in the vanilla world.  Since my time exploring BDSM in the online space, I am often given the chance to tease, humiliate and downright abuse those who find arousal in the degradation.  This is one of many fetishes I have the delight in engaging with.

However, there is much more to submission than receiving verbal or physical punishment.  For some, it is the idea of allowing another to take control and responsibility.  For others, the protection and comfort of giving another person power.

In fact, as I type this I am engaging with a submissive in an ignore session.  For this particular fetish, the subject experiences arousal from simply being ignored.  I’m sure he can feel thrills of excitement as I type away, looking towards a screen in the distance with no care that he is eagerly watching on, waiting to catch my gaze.

So, what is going through my mind as I ignore this play pet?  I carry on with my errands and almost forget he is there in the background, waiting, watching.  In fact, I only noticed his presence as he voiced his thanks and exited our session.  I’m good at what I do and I know he has had his pleasure.

Some can relate to this submissive ‘bliss’, although it is not for everyone.  As for myself, there is a special feeling of satisfaction in controlling the desires of another though a fetish.  In fact, it is rather easy to get carried away with feelings of superiority and power.  This is when experience and knowing the nuances of the submissive determines the quality of the play.

Another successful session complete, I can’t wait for another!


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