A Midnight Snack


The term ‘fetish’ is subjective to our unique desires and curiosities.  While some are not physically possible, the idea and associated imagery can induce a powerful state of arousal.  Our sexual desires after all, start with mental stimulation; be it visual, auditory or kinaesthetic.

The particular interest I am referring to is known as ‘vore’.  It basically defines arousal from an act of cannibalism/human consumption by a predatory being.  The fetishist may fantasise about themselves in the role of a victim, predator or witnessing as their sexual interest is ingested.

With my exploration of the fetish world, I have met people with a fondness for vore.  I have placed myself both in the role of the victim and predator and found it as an interesting way to express my creativity.  With my dominant nature, I prefer the role of giantess cannibal.  Still, I did have fun creating images where the contents of my open skull was consumed by a large animal.

How have I explored this fetish with my submissives?  In addition to visual and auditory content through videos and images, we have played with physical sensations.  Pressure and slight pain with a metal clamp to simulate the bearing down on flesh and a warm, damp cloth to replicate body fluids secreting from a wound.  There is of course no permanent mark from our game, only a deep feeling of satisfaction.

Some may scoff in disgust, but I would argue that we are all fetishists in our own way.  Even the most ‘vanilla’ individuals have a particular like for a certain body part, article of clothing or scenario.

Vore is simply another expression of sexuality, creativity and general desire.  It may not seem ‘real’ to some, but any genuine fetish is real enough to elicit the most pleasurable response.

Try it out; you may find it delicious beyond belief!


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