SPH: Big Ocean, Small Boat


‘Little Timmy’ is seated in front of the webcam, clad in a t-shirt and sweat pants.  Upon removing his pants and underwear, he reveals his undersized penis to the camera and exclaims ‘it’s only two inches’.  There is a hint of pride in his voice as he eagerly awaits my response.  In reality, his manhood is closer to four inches.  It is still inadequate and I ask him “what the hell are you proud of?  You’re not satisfying anyone with a worm so small”.  This is all he needs to hear before nodding in agreement and commencing his self serving ritual.

Little Timmy, as I unaffectionally call him is a fetishist who enjoys small penis humiliation (SPH).  Whether it is the mind compensating for an unappealing feature or something far more complex, far more men are openly enjoying the verbal and (sometimes) physical degradation than ever before.

I started to dabble in this fetish long before I understood that it could be a mutually enjoyable experience.  My initiation into this world started while I was in a relationship with a very narcissistic individual.  While he would obsess over his overall appearance and ‘fantastic’ personal characteristics, there was one thing he could not overlook- the diminutive size of his manhood.  In between long monologues of self appreciation, he would pause wait for my compliment and a statement confirming that he was the ‘best’ out of my partners.  After growing tired of this activity (bear in mind, I endured for months), I decided to start brining a little honesty into the mix.  Before long, my validation of his ‘greatness’ became a rant of his failure to please me sexually with such a small appendage.

Being honest, without bounds brings about a satisfaction unlike any other.  Perhaps is akin to lifting a weight off one’s shoulders, or even the bliss of revealing our innermost thoughts.  At first, my pleasure was the result of removing my inner filter.  Over time, I found almost an arousal in cutting away at his masculinity.

When I entered the world of online female domination, I was approached almost immediately by a submissive who had a fetish for SPH.  I surprised myself in how natural and enjoyable I found the interaction.  I have met some who don’t have equipment I would define as sub-average, yet enjoy hearing that they are too small to satisfy.  For them, I think back to the cock of the narcissistic ex and the thoughts and insults flow like raging river.

I have questioned why would enjoy such degradation.  There is certainly a power exchange occurring between the recipient and supplier of insults.  Perhaps, the consensual engagement of this activity acts as a vehicle for accepting what may be a physical downfall.  Additionally, it prepares a man for the abuse he may receive by an unknowing partner.  After all, the emotional knife always cuts deeper when it is unexpected.

Whatever it is, SPH allows me to make light of unsatisfying sexual interactions and negative relationships.  It is almost therapeutic in nature and allows me to relish in my sadistic nature.

So, does size really matter?  A man who has an adequate penis can be a terrible lover, but a man with a small penis has very little chance of satisfying a woman.  Whoever said ‘it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean’ lied.


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