The Secret of a ‘Naughty Girl’

secretlifeI was asked the other night if I was a ‘naughty girl’.  The title of promiscuous temptress, leading unsuspecting young men into obscene sexual acts is rather interesting.  If only it were not highly inaccurate.  In fact, could it be that I could be so bold as to proclaim my status as ‘asexual’?  No, I don’t think I would go so far.  I have mentioned in a previous blog post, my wanton lust over my findom fetish.  However, involving another person in the direct stimulation of my physical pleasure is not an appealing concept.  I am not opposed or dislike the sex act in itself.  Performed with the right intentions, it can be a lovely experience for all involved.  Add the fetish twist and becomes rather special and kinky.

It is my own experiences with men that have turned me off the idea of physical intimacy.  Alas, the selfish desires of the penis.  Unable to remove myself from internal biological drives, I am still drawn to a romantic relationship with an individual of the opposite sex.  I simply dislike how a man obsesses over his cock.

I can almost hear the objections to that previous statement.  “Not all men are the same”, “I make every girl orgasm first”, “I’m a great lover”.  I have sampled various types of men and my conclusion is either I have chosen badly or women simply fake too well.

Don’t despair, it isn’t all doom and gloom.  I only began to accept my dislike of the vanilla and rather male centric sex act when I embraced my inner domme.  Perhaps that cultural and social conditioning had me fooled into believing I enjoyed something I truly did not.  Think about it (to my male readers); what person in their right mind would enjoy drawn out fellatio where your wrist, mouth and every other joint is aching from an arduous, repetitive and incredibly boring action.  My sanity once survived such an ordeal due to a movie, thankfully playing in the background.  I have not been so lucky in other instances and have come to the conclusion that I truly do not enjoy fellatio if a man is enjoying the pleasure.  Admittedly, the single and only instance in which I did savor the act was when the recipient was not very willing.  Perhaps another fetish of taking one by force, but not one I have much patience to explore.

Positive and negative experiences provide us with an opportunity to learn and adapt.  Before indulging another with the idea that I may participate in a sex act, I always determine what I may gain from the activity.  If my pleasure is not a priority then I have no interest.  This is not only empowering, but allows me to view a playmate with a new appreciation.  Gone are the days where I would fantasize over a strong, muscular body and perfect face.  In fact, the beautiful men are often those who lead with their cocks most earnestly.

Perhaps this post will give a few readers a new view on how (some) women truly think.  Look beyond our makeup, our polite smiles and (fake) accommodation of your inflated ego.  Yes, we enjoy sex.  Yes we (some of us) enjoy making our partners happy.  No, your erection is not where it starts and your orgasm is not where it ends.  Learn how to please a woman first and perhaps you’ll avoid some of our infamous mood swings.

As for myself, I’m certainly no naughty girl.  What I am however, is someone who’ll enjoy making a lucky submissive my little bitch.


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