Learning Experiences: My First RL Play With a Female Sub

FishnetsHow well do you know your friends?  The group I currently spend my time with, I have known for almost a decade.  Together we have laughed, cried, faced and overcome numerous obstacles.  They know my intimate family details and I am considered almost a member of theirs.  However, we all holds secrets we would share with strangers and not with our closest friends.  BDSM is one such area of our lives kept hidden away.

Being a neglectful friend of late, it was only right that I attend an Easter house party hosted by the closest of these friends.  It was a lovely opportunity to reconnect with old faces and make meet new ones.

The festivities started early, the wine was plentiful and the conversations interesting.  During one round of friendly banter, I made an offhand comment about ‘breaking men in’.  This lead to a joke about ‘whips and chains’.  It’s funny what people will reveal once you let down your own barriers and offer information.  A few drinks merry, I revealed a small truth about my interest in BDSM and before I knew it, three other people had joined our conversation and added stories of their own experiences.

I did not expect to hear that a close friend of many years was not only a submissive, but had her collar handy.  The night suddenly became very interesting when her ‘plus one’ indicated that she too was submissive.  Wading through sexually fueled comments from the men in the conversation (annoying), we discovered many common interests.  I had a keen interest in trying a D/s interaction with a female and this ‘plus one’ had her eyes on me.  At this stage, let me indicate that I have never previously been drawn to any sexual interaction with a female.  However, I do appreciated the aesthetics of the female form.

Chiming in to the conversation, our gracious host offered the use of her room for a little ‘play’, provided we left the door open for any curious viewers.  The scene could not have been more perfect.  We had a collar and leash available to use, a bedroom for a little discretion and compatible participants.  Casually, we discussed rules of our upcoming play, making a note to hold strict rules for any male observers.  I had no intention of allowing a man into the play (and ruining it with his cock).  Men were to keep close to the exit (a minimum distance from us), remain completely silent and hands away from their neither region.  Our female friends were welcome to comment and even join in.  I am sure some male readers at this point of my tale feel a sense of disappointment.  Tough titties!  I write this as an account of what happened, not to get you off.

The first act of submission I had her perform was a simple strip, her eyes cast down.  As she peeled away layers of clothing, I could not help but notice a true beauty in her minor ‘imperfections’.  The marks across her abdomen indicated a life well lived and the various experiences of adulthood.  One fully undressed, I ran a hand across her belly, drawn to the signs of motherhood and used a gentle pressure to guide her to her knees.

Being the youngest in my group of friends, I also held the least experience in BDSM.  Fortunately, my friend (the owner of the collar) provided a few tips on how to fasten the leash end around my playmate’s breasts and secure her arms.

With a couple experienced onlookers, I decided to try something a little new.  During our earlier conversations, I indicated a fascination with knives and the possibility of incorporating their use into ‘fun activities’.  Being uncharted territory for my play partner, we decided to explore the idea of using paper in the place of a blade, where I would gently make a series of paper cuts.  In addition to a safe word, we also decided that I would check in on her during our play.

So, now naked and kneeling on the floor with her neck, breasts and wrists securely fastened by the collar, I guided her head to the floor and proceeded to wipe her arms and buttocks with alcohol wipes (hygiene first).  There was a nice pause before the first paper cut, as we both enjoyed the beauty of the moment.

Apart from enquiring on her current status and discomfort score, I spent more of my time in conversation with our female onlookers.  In all our excitement, we forgot to mention verbal humiliation.  I left that out, considering a mixed audience would serve a similar purpose.

Our play lasted a lot longer than initially anticipated and felt as though it was only fleeting moments in duration.  After removing the collar, cleaning up and helping her dress, it was all hugs and smiles as we returned to ‘reality’.  We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience and spent the rest of the evening discussing the small details we appreciated.  It seems we also made the party, as the conversation for the remainder of the evening drifted back to our little adventure.

Coming away from my first interaction with a female submissive, I now know there are truly many differences between play with men and women.  It is still too early to say which I prefer, but I must admit that this has been the most rewarding and fun experience I have had in this world to date!


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