A Grumpy Goddess; Why Rest Days Matter

SleepingSmileyFaceI hate rest days!  No, I do not mean a break from BDSM.  Often when I am tired, my dominant tendencies tend to shine…and so does my impatience.  However, there are times my mind and body scream for recovery despite an unshakable belief that any day off is a wasted opportunity.

Unfortunately, there are times when the body and higher cognitive function will not abide by the internal desire to maintain productivity.  This morning was one such instance.

My mind foggy and the majority of my muscle groups refusing to co-operate, I reluctantly silenced my alarm and made some attempt at a ‘snooze’.  Here’s a fun fact; it is our brain that uses around 75 percent of our glycogen stores, so ‘mental drain’ is commonly associated with overall fatigue.

I often discuss the importance to avoid overtraining (in exercise).  Usually those on a health kick or individuals with a routine set in stone are driven by the endorphins released post workout.  That and a dopamine kick make strenuous exercise rather addictive for some.  Sadly, this is highly counterproductive to reaching our goals.  I can throw in words such as ‘gluconeogenesis’ and ‘rhabdomyolysis’, but at the most basic level, too much leads to fatigue and fatigue can lead to injury.  An injury today means you’re out for weeks, if not months in severe cases.  Add to that, you’re more likely to be forgetful or make errors in simple cognitive tasks.

While my own training varies between performance and technique, I am still guilty of pushing too hard at times.  I usually end up in muscular and joint pain beyond belief and/or making silly errors of judgement.

For instance, during a recent interaction with a submissive, I had him apply mayonnaise on his privates instead of heat cream.  I was having dinner at the time.  Than goodness, I didn’t pour heat cream on my meal!

With that in mind, here I sit, coffee in hand not lamenting my choice for a couple of extra hours of sleep as much. In fact during sleep, growth hormone is released, there is tissue repair (including muscular) and our brain processes events and learning from the previous day.

So there you have it, feel free to rest as hard as you work and you’ll reach those sought after gains in no time!


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