A Choke is Not Just a Choke


Sometimes, I feel like administering a good, old fashioned, two handed choke.  I can’t recall the last time I had the chance to wrap my fingers around a neck and slowly apply pressure.  My fingernails digging into flesh and the discomfort apparent in my victim’s face makes such a lovely picture.

No, the last time I had a chance to do this was to demonstrate how to defend against an individual applying such an attack.  Completely unrelated to a fun BDSM activity.

Those with a choke fetish will understand the inappropriateness of the old fashioned two handed choke.  With small hands, the pressure I apply does not always produce a desired result in men who have thick necks.  That, and small hands do have a tendency to leave nasty (unwanted) marks.

I could write a thesis on the efficacy of some of my favourite chokes.  This ranges from the classic rear naked choke to a fancy Peruvian neck tie (look it up).  There is no need for belts or other tools when you have four good limbs and possibly the t-shirt of your playmate.

What this does require is a solid understanding of submission wrestling or similar martial art (not one where you miraculously acquire a black belt in 9 months).  Knowledge of human anatomy and occasionally being at the receiving end all increases the understanding of how to safely and technically apply a good choke without any unwanted repercussions.

My own choking fetish did arise from my training.  There is nothing more powerful (for me) than subduing an opponent who is physically stronger and bigger.  Of course, it has taken many years to get to this point.  After identifying this fetish, I have made a conscious effort to keep myself in line at the training grounds (wouldn’t want to be the pervert in class).  However, it does provide many ideas for my BDSM play.

I have mentioned an IRL sub in previous blog posts.  Our contact now is less frequent due to distance and life commitments, however if one decides to travel to the other we do engage in various forms of play.  To put it truthfully, he is occasionally my grappling dummy.  This started as an innocent demonstration of submission wrestling and progressed, with him welcoming the feeling of physical helplessness.  His personal favourite is called a ‘triangle choke’ and is administered from a ‘mount’ position.  Our play usually involves some set up I am experimenting with in my own training.  Once I am in position, I will slowly apply the (blood) choke until he starts to lose consciousness, whereafter I will loosen the hold and reapply accordingly.  I often ask him to struggle (my way of getting in my own training), as I determining any weaknesses in the hold.  This also provides an opportunity for my playmate to experience and added feeling of vulnerability.  I try and avoid cutting off the windpipe (air choke) as this is not only painful, but adds an unnecessary safety risk.

So, what is the point of this long winded discussion of my choking fetish?  Well, if you plan to get involved with a fetish that implies a higher level of risk, do your research and make sure your playmate has a thorough understanding of what they are doing!


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