HLFace sitting lovers all rejoice, this dominant has voyaged into new fetish territory.

Recently, I decided to allow my once lover, now submissive to temporarily leave the restrictions of his punishment and visit me.  To celebrate the occasion,  I decided to allow his face the pleasure of becoming my chair.  Let me be clear in specifying that the purpose of our play was not forced cunnilingus but a little breath/discomfort play.

The idea of suffocation under a pair of perfectly rounded gluteals appealed to him greatly and like a true submissive, he gave himself willingly for my little experiment.

What I did not consider was the work involved in being the giver of such pleasure.  To avoid falling or causing unnecessary facial damage, the trick was finding the right angle of descent (damn a prior intense leg workout) and adjusting the body accordingly to find a comfortable position (for me).  Added to that, I had to resist the tickling sensation resulting from certain facial features and heavy breathing.

My desire to squirm, laugh and crush my submissive’s face under jerky movements proved the most difficult to rein in.  One might argue that it is the place of the submissive to endure.  However, during this experimental phase, no limits had been established.  As a newcomer to submission, it would be unrealistic to expect my play partner to endure more pain than he is ready for.

After a good fifteen minutes of gentle booty suffocation/worship (my knees did not want any more), I decided that it was time to end our little experiment.  We both enjoyed this play and may try it again soon.  However, next time I will ensure there is some sort of object with which to leverage my body weight as I am positioning myself.

Going through my mind during this experience was the symbolism in this act.  In South East Asian culture, it is considered disrespectful to touch the head of man.  In fact, men from certain sub cultures will not walk underneath hanging female undergarments with the fear that it will diminish their masculine prowess.  Using the face of my male submissive, with all its spiritual significance as my personal seat openly defied this long held belief.  Furthermore, it reenforced my power and his subservience.

Now that I have tried face-sitting in D/s play (yes, I have done this in prior vanilla sexual acts), it is time to be the avid BDSM adventurer I am and tackle a new fetish.  Stay tuned…


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