hloblackLove it or hate it, one must admit that male genitalia is not considered aesthetically pleasing to the general population.  Still, for some reason men have it in their minds that sending a self portrait their naughty bits will entice feelings of sexual arousal in the (often female) recipient.

Let’s put this one to rest.  NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!  If she replies with a compliment, she’s lying.  If she asks for more, she’s probably not even female.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about about sex and submissives.  While my former sexual partner turned out to enjoy submission, when our dynamic shifted to that of D/s the sex eventually subsided.  Why do I believe that a submissive must refrain from sex?  Consider this, sexual pleasure of a male is a very powerful and dominant experience.  When a female facilitates the orgasm of a male, there is no true domination in the interaction.  As for sex itself, the individual receiving penetration is always in a submissive position no matter the established ‘roles’.

As for the male submissive giving the female sexual pleasure?  Give me a dollar for every ‘submissive’ who claimed to enjoy ‘pleasing a woman’…..and you know the rest.  Sorry guys, we do it better ourselves.  If you’re truly in the mood to ‘please’ us, finish our chores, give us a massage and buy us what we tell you to.

Where am I headed with this?  Well, another little fetish I have discovered of mine is the gradual reduction of the male orgasm.  One might call it, putting a man in his place.  It may seem cruel to deny a man of his biological ‘need’.  However, without orgasm men function with greater mental and physical efficiency and with much greater care.  Search medical journal databases and you’ll find many articles discussing the effects of dopamine and the various sex hormones and endorphins before and after orgasm.  Interestingly enough, men benefit from chastity and females benefit from orgasm.  On an anecdotal level, notice how a man becomes sleepy following orgasm?  Not very efficient, I must say.  On the other hand, a female post coitus is seamlessly able to get back to any incomplete task or chore.  I admit that most of the time she has not achieved orgasm, but you get my point.

In my opinion, a submissive that refrains from thinking about his own ‘joystick’ is a much better pet.  While this is my personal view, I do notice that male dominants engage in their own sexual pleasure in D/s play, while female dominants use male stimulation and sexual pleasure as a method of control.  I intend to spend the next few weeks playing with this idea and releasing a lot more content related to orgasm reduction.

Oh, and what ever happened to my ‘former’ sexual partner?  Well, he is still my submissive, but he’s not ‘getting off’ any time soon.



One thought on “Understimulation

  1. This is such an interesting post. I have rarely read about D/S relationships from the female dom’s perspective and this is really interesting


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