The Power of Attitude

Among my friends, I have always been known for attracting the creeps and perverts.  We could never pin point the reason I was so approachable to these types.  Shy away as I might, it would only invite further attention.  While these encounters still occur, I tend to laugh off the matter these days.

Recently, however I have been approached by other types of people; individuals with more in common with myself.  Individuals in the BDSM world.

First, I must talk of my current real time (RT) playmate.  After deciding I had been single for far too long, one of my friends decided that I should meet her cousin.  We met at a salsa club, danced the night away and soon became lovers.  While I am still a relatively new domme, by this stage I clearly understood my interest in BDSM.  I did not expect many to share this kink, nor did I intend to ‘convert’ anyone from their vanilla lifestyle.

One night, we decided to stay in and enjoy a movie.  I excused myself to the bathroom and upon returning caught him sniffing my shoes.  Now, the common options would be either a) pretend the situation did not occur b) reel in disgust and expect an apology.  I lost myself in the moment and yelled out “you have a foot fetish!”.  The poor guy was a deer caught in headlights and stood motionless until I broke the silence by explaining my own enjoyment of this kink.  Since then, we have had some great times.  I’ll save more of our experiences for another post.

Another example of a ‘random’ public interaction with a kinkster occurred at a busy shopping centre.  I had enough of the post Christmas sales and decided to wait outside on a ‘man chair’ while my friend battled with fellow shoppers.

Being a crowded centre, I was not surprised when a gentleman in his mid 40’s asked to sit on the same bench.  Strangely, he seemed nervous and started apologizing immediately for bothering me.  I politely remarked that it was no issue and that we all needed a break from the sales.  That was his cue to initiate a conversation and since I had nothing better to do, my curiosity revved into gear.  Between lavishing compliments, self berating his own flaws and apologizing for having the nerve to approach such an ‘amazing woman’, it was obvious that this person was a submissive.  Just as I was starting to test the waters and play a little with this one, my friend finished her shopping and decided it was time to head to the next location (c*ck block).  Being lunch, I simply could not refuse!

Since this time, I have had a few more interesting encounters.  The most recent sub attraction incident occurred at my local post office.  Here I was, innocently writing down the address of a pet on a satchel containing a personal item, when a man walked behind me an exclaimed, “such beautiful red hair, I want to brush it”.  Surprised, I turned around and asked “excuse me?”.  Perhaps it was the tone of my voice or my instant response, but the reaction I received was one of a typical submissive.  His eyes cast down, lead lowered he hurriedly apologized and moved away slowly without turning is back.  I couldn’t help but giggle as I continued to fuss with the stamps and prepare my little package.

It is a well documented idea that how we carry ourselves will attract certain types of people.  Motivational speakers, self defense instructors and health coaches often stress the importance of projecting an attitude that reflects our ideal self and our desires.

What are you putting out there?



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