Are You Pathetic?

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The single, most common message I receive from random submissives usually occurs as follows:

Hello Mistress/Goddess/other reverent identifier,

I am a (negative adjective) submissive who craves/yearns/wants/needs a beautiful/hot/gorgeous Mistress/Goddess like yourself to serve.  I have a chastity device for my pathetic/useless (negative adjective) dick.  It makes me so hard when i look at your photos.  Please force me to pleasure you and take me with a strap on.  Do you think I’m pathetic?

Of course, I have left out a lot of the vulgarity because…’s vulgar and unnecessary!

Over time, my reply as developed into the following:

Hello (insert user name),

Thanks for messaging me.  Just to let you know, I play online only.  Please have a careful read of my profile and let me know what you are interested in.  I have paid cam sessions available or can make custom videos tailored to your kink.  Alternatively, check out my clips page for my videos (for purchase).

GHL (Goddess HazelnutLatte)

To which I will usually receive a reply:

But I thought you were a REAL Mistress.  I don’t want to pay for sex/anything.

I can’t help but giggle because it happens every time now.  I have read so many comments from dommes/cam girls etc. complaining of the ‘time wasters’.  Personally, I get a bit of a kick when one of my predictions are validated.  Yup, I’m right again!

To answer the question, no, I do not think this person is pathetic.  I think they are conniving and incredibly narcissistic.  While I have not even mentioned any talk of physical sex, there is a reason that the majority of porn users are male and the few female viewers tend to enjoy watching female performers.  A male appendage is not an aesthetically pleasing piece of anatomy that would send a ‘Mistress’ into a wanton, sex craze.  To put it bluntly, your dick pics are not ‘payment’, they are an eyesore.

I freely admit that I am relatively (does not mean ignorantly) new in this domination world, but I have come across ‘topping from the bottom’ far too frequently.  It is a common situation where a ‘submissive’ will have a set of needs they expect fulfilled.  They view the act of ‘submission’ as a sufficient tribute.  In many cases, the submission involves some sexual act to be performed upon the ‘dominant’.  A kinkster will look at my photos, notice my age (too young to be ‘truly’ dominant), decide that I am desperate for attention and proceed with a similar message to that of above.

Let’s bring out a good old dose of reality.  BDSM is certainly an activity I would engage in without expectation of a reward  However, that is for someone I am already romantically involved in.  As a dominant, that means allowing my partner or fling to live out their kinky fantasies simply because I care for them and enjoy their happiness through submission.  This person would go through the vigorous process of gaining my attention (and with me it is always ‘vigorous’), time and affection (be it temporary or a long term relationship) and there is always the emotional (or other) trade off from their end.

So there it is.  Most Mistresses who engage in online (do not confuse physical sex with online fetish play) expect a (useful) trade off for their time and effort.

As for the worshippers who believe I’m no real domme because I do not obsess over their penis for free; all I can say is good luck in finding a relatively attractive, interesting, mentally stable natural woman to ‘service’ your needs for no return.


For more of me, check out my clips page.


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