Dishing Out What You Can Take

hazelnutlatte-4I love all forms of control and domination.  However, I wanted to address a post to the importance of the saying “you shouldn’t dish out what you can’t take”.  While some may not agree, I believe it is vital to have a close understanding of the limits of the human body through research and self experimentation.

As I type this, I can feel the lactic acid in my quadriceps, the tightness in the tendons of my left shoulder girdle and the countless bruises all over my petite frame.  With a glass of pink moscato in hand, I allow the slight alcoholic tingle to take away the worst of the pain.

You see, I was not in some sort of terrible accident or altercation.  This was simply training and an instance where I had to teach my training partners a ‘lesson’.  Of course, with my small frame life offers no free rides.  The consequence to my petite frame of victory against bigger, male opponents is a multitude of ‘boo boos’.  All worth it for the demoralizing beating I was able to deliver!

Still, a victory is nothing if you learn nothing from the experience.  Often, one gains the most insight through a loss.  With each battle scar I sustain, I learn the ins and outs of pain play.  Each time I am choked, I understand how far to take someone under my own control.  Perhaps that is why, my favourite real time (RT) kinks involve choking play and other forms of submission wrestling.

In my own RT experience so far, my submissives have not needed to use their safe word.  With full disclosure of any health issues and an understanding of how to manipulate the body, we have been able to safely reach the edges of their tolerable limits.  I’ll reveal a little naughty secret.  I often use playtime to test out new submission techniques for my own martial arts training.  My subs make the perfect grappling dummy, and they get to enjoy every moment.

That being said, it’s play time!


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