Learning to be a Submissive

workThe following post is dedicated to the number of potential submissives who have reached out to me recently asking for guidance.  While I can’t teach you to be submissive directly, I can give you an overview of what you should be looking for.

Submission elicits different feelings in everyone.  For some, the euphoria from servitude is there from the start, just as falling in love at first sight.  For others, through conditioning and time one learns to love submission.  Either way, the subject must be open to the role from the start.  While forcing another is highly possible and is very common, I will make it clear right now that it is not something I support in any way.  That is not to say that if my submissive wants to play struggle in a wrestle, I will not entertain the thought.  However, I am completely against the idea of ‘breaking’ the will of another human being without their open and loving initial consent.

There are too many different types of D/s relationships to list here.  I would say it’s more of a spectrum, with almost an infinite number of styles and interactions.  There is directly sexual domination. whether executed with bedroom acts or through tease and denial.  There is also lifestyle control.  This tends to appeal to those with a high level of responsibly and enjoy the freedom of having another make decisions for them.  There is of course, brat taming.  In this situation, the submissive gets a rise out of the little tricks, punishments and attention from their Master/Mistress.  Some even enjoy being ignored or simply supporting their dominant.  Either way, each submissive has a purpose (even if ignored) and a path to follow.

Now, to my point.  How to learn to be submissive.  First of all, it is important to know exactly what one enjoys about the relationship and the goal.  As an example, do both parties enjoy humiliation of the submissive or is there a different style of interaction that is more compatible.

As a domme, it is first vital to establish personality compatibility with a submissive before venturing further.  I don’t entertain brats and I don’t enjoy interacting with those who have a kink for confusion itself.  For submissive who are unsure, I enjoy trying out various kinks to find a good fit.  My greatest success for those who are new to submission is via hypnosis and tease.  In fact, a number of dominant types seeking a new experience have loved this interaction so much, they remain my submissives to this day, while maintaining dominance in relationships elsewhere.

Let’s simply this further.  If you are wishing to learn about submission:

1. Research, read and reach out across different platforms.

2. Remember, there is nothing wrong with those who enjoy fetishes.  In your imagination, you are as free as you allow yourself to be.

3. Take the time to visualize your true fantasy.  What do you love about submitting?

4. Determine your style.  Are you after sexual domination, humiliation or to serve a supportive role.

5. Determine your kinks.  What little addition would make submission even more alluring for you?

6. Reach out to a domme that suits your needs.  It is important that a submissive approach a dominant first.

7. Remain honest about your feelings.  If something does not work for you, communicate it to your dominant.



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