Brat Taming


If someone asked to describe BDSM in one word I would use the term ‘spectrum’.  While some prefer only to dabble in a little fetishism and worship, others prefer complete domination of their entire existence.

An interesting area within this is the relationship between a dominant and a self proclaimed ‘brat’.  A brat is a submissive who will test the patience of their master/mistress.  A sub-division of ‘brat tamers’ exist, where the focus is to train these deviant subs into ideal slaves.

Some find brats rather ‘cute’.  Submissives will play tricks to gain sexual punishments and attention.  This is tied in with the devotion they hold for their dominant.

I have dabbled in an interaction with a brat.  At the start of our communication, he gave me no indication of his nature.  Only, though our chat did I realise that here was a brat who desired taming.  Curiosity tempted me to find out where this would lead.  What I didn’t expect, was the level of disobedience, disrespect and self degradation afterwards.  One thing I am very honest about is my lack of patience in many situations.  I am efficient, consistent and often quite blunt.  While some don’t appreciate this nature, the simple truth is that I know what I want and I try to achieve it as effectively as possible.

This interaction was not going to work for me.  So before this progressed too far, I decided to cut this submissive loose.  With BDSM sometimes the lines of fantasy and reality tend to blur, so a cold shutdown is not appropriate.  In fact, when I typed the words ‘this interaction will not work’, it was his cue to profess his unyielding affection.  Eventually, the message went through and he was off on his search for the appropriate mistress.

While I love control, I can say that I not every form of domination on the BDSM spectrum is for me.  I’m thankful for the new discovery: Goddess HazelnutLatte is not a brat tamer.  Well, at least not for now!


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