The Hypnotic Lure


The word ‘hypnosis’ in itself can arouse a level of curiosity.  Sometimes to the point of leading into suggestibility.  This has nothing to do with being gullible.  It is simply just nice to turn off the pandemonium occurring inside our minds and follow a guide.

In fact, why don’t you humour me for a moment and try a little something right now.  Imagine yourself in the middle of a hot summer day.  Really take yourself to that place.  You have just returned home and the temperature outside has been scorching.  You only wish to satiate your thirst with something cool, refreshing and juicy.

You enter your home and follow all the same, little habits you regularly perform as almost a ‘coming home ritual’.  Take a moment to place yourself there before continuing to read….

You walk into the kitchen and you can feel how parched your throat is.  You open the refrigerator door and you are greeted by the sight of a beautiful, cold, bright, yellow lemon!

Without a passing thought you take out that lemon and find a tool to cut it perfectly in half.  You can see the condensation building on the peel and the fresh juice running down the cut fruit.  Thinking only of the freshness, you bring that lemon to your lips and take a bite.  Imagine the cool sourness of the fruit and the tingling sensation inside your mouth.

If you were able to picture this scenario well, I’m sure you found your mouth watering at the thought of the fresh, cool, lemon.  That is just a small example of how powerful our minds are.  We can illicit a physical response (salivating) to a mental stimulus.

Recently, I have decided to delve further into the realm of erotic hypnosis.  I have been using ASMR and experimenting with a little erotic suggestion for quite some time, but now I’m playing with kinks.  For the fetishist, this is quite some treat, as it allows you to explore your fantasy as far as your imagination will take you without fear of judgement or physical barriers.

So the question is, what does hypnosis do for me as a domme?  Regardless of whether I am helping someone to release stress or taking over the subconsciousness of a submissive, the thrill is in the knowledge that my subject is completely under the spell of my guidance.  There is a satisfaction when a trigger word or action is successfully placed and the purpose of the hypnosis session is achieved.

What naughty things have I been looking at so far?  Perhaps I’ll save that for a later blog post.  There is still much to explore. 😉


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