The Perfect Foot Job

The warm and wet sensation along the arch of my left foot sends a wave of contentment down my spine.  I can feel a distal phalangeal bone working through tight fascia and as she finds the right point, I feel a satisfying crack.  Oh, to get the perfect foot massage is beyond bliss.  I have been fortunate enough to spend the last week in tropical Bali and this little luxury has become a daily ritual.

I can feel my masseur interlock her fingers in between my toes and my body cannot decide between relaxation and simulation. This is perhaps my favourite sensation and if she only did this, it would be perfect.  Of course, she can sense the tightness in my overworked arches and proceeds to unravel each knot.

I know feel a wonderful pressure at the tip of each toe as I notice the common reflexology stick.  If used correctly, it becomes the perfect pleasure device. By coupling the use of this tool with her knuckles, the tightness melts in submission.

I notice the softness of her skin as she kneads a lotion with the scent of frangipani onto my foot and lower leg.  One is not to be fooled by her sight appearance.  This lady can apply the perfect amount of pressure to soothe any sureness.

So here I sit, attempting to capture this moment in writing.  Sure, I should use this time to relax but I have a couple more days and a couple more massages to enjoy.

If you wish to please your Goddess, an amazing foot job is a good start!screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-11-34-02-pm


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