Converting a Domme


At the start of my cam model life, I didn’t give much thought to the type of power play I would cater towards.  The idea was simply; take off clothes, perform sexual acts, make money and enjoy being a social deviant.  The world of online kink quickly took a hold of me and I slowly transformed into the ever evolving domme you see here today.

There is of course, a fetish for almost everything, and domme to sub conversion seems to hold a special thrill for many kinksters.  Within a day of announcing my exploration of control, I had a number of doms looking to shift my play style.

The most hilarious conversation I had was with domme claiming to know not only how to ‘mind f*ck’ a girl into submission, but also how to use any tool for pleasure and pain.  I don’t joke, embellish or hide my martial arts experience.  Interesting how a guy desperately needing a power trip will say almost anything to swell his own ego.  He claimed to have expertise in various martial arts styles and have an extensive knowledge of weapon use.  Needless to say, I saw right through that bullsh*t and was rather disappointed that I would not be able to engage in a conversation about a topic I rather enjoy.

At this point, I should make it clear that I enjoy conversing with all types.  I have dom/me friends I talk kink and non kink with.  It’s a nice way to exchange ideas and gain clarification on unexplored territory.  What I don’t enjoy is a dom attempting to push his games when I’ve clearly stated my position.  An ignorant comment I often hear is “How will you know unless you try”.  As a female, I have lived under a submissive banner (read my first post), endured relationships as a submissive (unknowingly) and had my position in life (second to a male) set in society.  Dominance for a female is far greater than anyone born with a c*ck will ever understand.  That is why I have never experienced a domme attempting to push her control.

The most recent encounter I have had with a ‘dom’ occurred only a few minutes before writing this post.  This person wanted to be called “master” and for me to “beg for his c*ck”.  A real dom would have known that there actually has to be an allure to start with.  A submissive is lured to the character, appearance and methods of his/her controller.  The domination reaches much further beyond the use of titles.  The first step is knowing a submissive and how to give them what they need.  Some Masters/Mistresses hold the firm belief that is not their task to know anything about or engage in meaningful interaction with their slave.  In my opinion, this is negligent and arrogant, as there is power in having a submissive bare their soul and offer their physical being.

There it is, rant over!  I could stir trouble and dare any wanna be doms to make an attempt to convert me, but this Goddess has more important things to do such as playing with sissies!


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