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Imagine having an unparalleled sense of clarity and focus as you go about your daily tasks.  Physically and mentally, you performance is heightened.  Feel a greater devotion towards your partner or owner and deep satisfaction at their happiness.  These are among some of the many benefits of chastity.

The internet is full of anecdotal evidence from practitioners arising from all walks of life.  Some use this to balance their sexual drive and match that of their partner and others use it for the release of control.

Either way, there is a strong correlation between neurotransmitter release and orgasm (male) that is positively (claimed) affected with chastity.  Sorry ladies, the true benefits of chastity are with the boys.  I may write on this later, but a little study on the hormonal release following orgasm of a male vs. that of a woman will reveal all mysteries.

My own experience held a number of challenges at the start.  Firstly, I did not know of chastity devices and how they operated.  Nor did I understand the level of stimulation possible.  I made errors in believing it too cruel to keep someone locked away and ended up losing a submissive due to my ignorance.

Now, I can say that I not only love the use of devices and other chastity practices with my submissives, but would gladly implement this into a non BDSM relationship.

Here is a small list of my experiences to date:

  • Extended chastity using a belt with tease and denial.

This one plays upon giving up control to erotic games and my sexuality.

  • Extended chastity with orgasm.

Yes, this one is possible and I have seen it happen.  It appears more as a leaky drip and causes an extend sense of pleasure for the locked participant.

  • Chastity as punishment.

Whether locked away or touching that area restricted to bladder release only, chastity is an interesting method of keeping a submissive in line.  Personally, I do not like to use chastity as punishment, as it promotes a negative opinion of the practice.

  • Chastity as a form of devotion.

This is my preferred use of chastity.  As verified by the experience of others, my submissives who practice chastity for their devotion towards me have a unique place in my life.  We are able to have an incredibly meaningful relationship and they have a heightened sense of contentment with our interactions.

  • Chastity to accompany a fetish.

This one is rather fun.  Many people who practice chastity have a particular kink they enjoy playing with.  This is always a great chance to experiment and enjoy new fetishes.

  • Chastity, accompanying tease, denial and surprise release

This is another one of my favourites.  The creative and other juices start flowing when there is a little mystery involved.  I love surprising my submissives and playmates with a game of tease.

The belt:

Chastity belts can range from the simple and cost effective (unbranded steel) to models that are more intricate and rather pricey (CB range).  I personally prefer the CB-3000 as it is clear (so I can see what is happening), travel friendly (doesn’t set off metal detectors) and is made by a reputable company (even comes with a warranty).  It is highly possible to practice without a belt and enjoy the wonderful games.  If you have a masturbation addition, I would highly recommend you save up for the CB-3000 (or above).



This may seem like basic common sense, but it is easy to forget with our busy lives.  You have a mass of flesh tucked away with all its little bacterial cultures, some good and some not so friendly.   It is easy for the nasties to grow in an environment devoid of oxygen and light (anaerobic bacteria, yuck!).

  • Take note of any skin irritation.

You may need a device made from a different material (surgical grade steel) or even to air out your bits from time to time.  We all react differently.  Be aware of any irritation, redness or swelling (no, not that kind you naughty thing!).

  • Keep a spare key.

I prefer the use of little plastic locks with the CB-3000.  This is travel friendly (imagine passing through a metal detector) and easy to remove in case of emergencies.  While I understand in being a sub, you may wish to give total control to your owner but some dom/dommes are forgetful!  Add to that, those who mail their keys are putting a lot of faith in a postage system that may not prove very reelable.  The last thing you want is to require the use of a lock cutter near your delicate manhood in the case of a medical emergency.  A lovely submissive has given me the idea of using disposable and breakable plastic seals with security codes.  These are cheap and easily available on sites such as  A great way for your owner to keep track of you while keeping you safe at the same time.

  • Inspect your package.

Here and there, I highly recommend taking out the bits and giving it a quick look over.  Perhaps your partner would do this for you if you can’t be trusted outside the cage.  What you are looking for is any discolouration of the skin, changes to vein structure, ingrown hairs and anything else that is unusual.   Yes, your penis may be unusual, but I’m referring to changes since wearing the device!

Send me a message if you wish to explore chastity further with me.  If you haven’t tried it, all I can say is give it a go.  What more can I say, I love chastity!


One thought on “Chastity

  1. hi this a typo: If you have a masturbation addition, I would highly recommend you save up for the CB-3000 (or above).? Should it be addiction? Or is it possible to masturbate with a certain type of the CB-3000, the one with an addition? That is interesting but i have to admit that i could have checked out the pages of the manufacter but i’m more interested in You so I chose to leave this reaction, also because if it’s a typo then You have the chance to correct it. With compliments, bitchloser


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