Playtime With A Pet

You open your eyes with a start.  It is morning now and you decide to let yourself snooze for just a few minutes.  You feel my fingers running along your scalp, gently caressing your head.  They kneed your face ever so softly as your mind and body remains in a groggy stupor.  My fingers work their way to your temple and before you know it, you feel the sharp sting of a ‘flick’.  Just enough to stir you into wakefulness and remind you of your role as a submissive.  Get yourself up and tend to the most important task of the day; acknowledgement and worship of the one you call ‘Goddess’.

This small task is what makes your day.  You spend a few minutes flicking through images, knowing a complete satisfaction as you consider how you will make her happy today.  With a wave of giddiness, you send her a quick message expressing your adoration.  You know that she will read it soon enough and her mind will be on you.  Even if it is for a few moments, she has acknowledged you.  The woman of your dreams knows you exist.

The rest of your day proceeds as usual, and you go about your routine wondering what tasks your Goddess will have for you.  The excitement gives you a thrill and you attack your day with greater vigor, knowing you may be fortunate enough to spend time with her soon.

The day couldn’t be over soon enough and now thoughts of her engulf your mind.  Desperately, you seek the words of your Goddess.  A fire fills your body as you read, “Hello, my pet”.  Almost losing your grip, you manage to blurt our your adoration and need for her.

“That sock you have of mine, pet.  Stuff it in your mouth as you pick out your favourite photo of me.  Once that’s done, you’re going to use my sock as your special satisfaction tool.  Do not release into it.  I want you enjoying my aroma for some time.”

Hurriedly, you rush to do as she asks.  As you feel the texture of the cotton in your mouth, her scent fills your nostrils.  This item adorned her precious foot and she is allowing you to enjoy it.  You can almost taste the vinegar of her sweat as you choose your favourite image.  You don’t know what to do.  There are so many you love.  You think ‘Goddess, please make this decision for me‘ as your lust grows and your mind is clouded.  She giggles at your confusion.  You can hear it as clearly as though she were right next to you.  You finally pick one, almost at random as you complete the remainder of your task.


“Yes, Goddess.”

“I have decided, I don’t want you to release today.  Be a dear and edge only.”

“Yes, my one and only Goddess.”

You hear her laughing as she taunts you while watching you struggle.  Your lust drives you further under her spell.  Perhaps tomorrow she will let you hit that sweet, satisfaction.  For now, you know you adore her more than ever and cannot imagine an existence without her.


If you love me, tribute to me!


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