Hypnosis: New Realms


Your consciousness begins to drift as a wave of relaxation spreads down your body.  The sensation of trance for some is described as being ‘zoned out’.  This is similar to when your body acts on autopilot as you are driving and your mind is left to wander.

The purpose of hypnosis is to induce this state of trance and set triggers, make suggestions or simply achieve relaxation.  As I mentioned in a previous post, one may consider hypnosis as a guided meditation.

While I have been practicing traditional hypnosis for years, it has only been in the last year I have ventured into the realm of the erotic.

This has proved a novel and incredibly fun application of my skills.  My personal goal is to provide enough stimulation through hypnosis to reach a hands free orgasm.  The mind has the ability to not only create the perfect illusion, but can have us experiencing a physical sensation that is a purer form than anything we could achieve in reality.

Imagine this; in your mind the fantasy is perfect and complete, whether it is domination, submission or a particular sexual encounter.  Hypnosis allows one to bypass distractions and/or physical limitations.  The focus is entirely on the recipient and the experience dependent upon how deep they wish to go into this fantasy.

That being said, it is important to remain open to the process.  It can be rather disheartening when you’re unable to relax right away.  Often, my first few hypnosis sessions focus on letting go of our racing thoughts and worries.  One of my favourite sessions to date is a chat hypnosis session with a lovely submissive wishing to gain instant arousal with a trigger word.  Without even using audio or video, I was able to have him relaxing simply with text.  The trigger works perfectly and, here and there when I message him, I will play around with using our trigger during an ordinary conversation.  The result is immediate and intense.

Hypnosis has a wonderful range of applications from allowing us to let go of our anxieties to relieving stress in a much naughtier way.  If you can open your mind to the possibilities, the limit is only what your imagination can conjure up.  Even then, the guided suggestions help you to achieve a vivid and perfect image of your deepest desires.

Try it sometime and truly explore your fantasies.


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