The Cam Experience


There is no better example of the workings of supply and demand than the cam market.  In the past, the primary use of the internet was to source professional pornography videos and clips.  Now, it is to peak into the bedroom of someone you find appealing and gain a personalised experience.

I am far from being able to say that I have seen it all, but I am gaining an interesting idea of the psychology behind this dynamic.  Basic human wants drive the motivation from both parties and our animalistic nature reveals itself very quickly.

In my own experience, I have interacted with guys who have tried to persuade me to do things I was not ready for or wanted to do, been scammed by those wanting a free show, received abuse for not catering to unreasonable demands and dealt with many time wasters who would have me ready to go in a particular outfit or scenario and then decide they wanted something else.  I have also heard stories from friends on the other end who have been tricked by camgirls, received shows that did not cater to the original agreement, have a show end with no explanation or were treated in a disrespectful manner.

Fortunately, the good experiences outweigh the bad and I can say I have had some wonderful interactions with amazing people.  The key for anyone searching for a genuine cam encounter is to have a good filtering process.

This is often difficult in the sea of profile images revealing intimate body parts.  For those looking to purchase a cam session, my advice is to establish what the show person is willing to do, the duration and nature of the show, what will happen in the event of a technical error and whether there is a cam to cam option.  If the person providing the show is not willing to specify the details, you’re probably dealing with someone who will most likely waste your time and funds.

Of course, this is for a solo show.  There are many popular sites that offer a group experience.  The cam provider has the chance to perform certain tasks for tips and for all those in the viewing area to see.  Those who provide the tips have the chance for interaction and those who do not receive a free show either way.

At this stage, I have chosen to avoid this type of forum.   While the group experience has a higher earning potential for a cam girl, I find it is too impersonal and takes away much of the control I prefer to have.

Cam shows bring a nice, personal touch to what was once an often lonely online intimate experience.  Whether you’re interested in enjoying a kink, indulge with a quick release or have an ongoing relationship, this is certainly a method we should all try.  In saying that, perhaps I’ll purchase a show, myself!


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