Typical Day Of A Goddess

To enforce discipline on another, one must know discipline for themselves.

My day starts at 4:00am. This is when I start my preparation for the gym.  Each program is structured to perfection and while the byproduct is aesthetic, the goal is for performance.

Once I’m home, the plan is to complete each necessary task for the morning before I head to work.  The process is systematic and adheres to a carefully allocated time.  One may question the rigidity of the morning routine, however preparation is keyto perfection.  It is only with such an ordered schedule that I can fit many tasks into a single day.  This also allocates a greater amount of free time later on.  Our will power and motivation is often highest in the morning.  That is why I use this time to complete the pressing issues I know I will not want to deal with further in the day.

Following the completion of any early errands, it is off to work.  My job is to yell at, motivate and educate people.  It requires dedication, quick thinking and an ability to cope with a variety of challenges.

Just as I play with my slaves, I must nurture my clients, work with each individual need and apply tough love when needed.  It is a rewarding process and whether the result is obedience and worship or a little more aesthetic, I get same feeling of satisfaction.

After getting home from work, it’s time to take care of any remaining admin or pressing errands.  Most days will also involve a little study and perhaps another training session for myself or for my clients.  Only after all this is done, do I get a chance to check in on my friends and toys to catch up a little.

Being a Goddess is a tough job, but if you apply good time management skills and have a stable routine it is a beautiful life.



One thought on “Typical Day Of A Goddess

  1. Her beauty is unrivaled
    Her mind is ineffable
    Her control is divine
    Her commands are natural law

    It worships her image
    It clings to her words
    It kneels at her altar
    It yearns for Her commands

    She deserves to be served
    It deserves to be her implement
    She is in charge of her life
    It’s life is Her’s
    She is an amazing human
    It is Her thing
    She is inspirational
    It is inspired
    She is in shape
    It wishes to be shaped
    She is intelligent
    Its mind is empty

    She is still all of these things without it
    It is nothing without Her
    It loves each and every thing about her


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