The Hypnotic Experience

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a common method used to relax an individual and provide a verbal suggestion to the subconscious.  Contrary to the popular belief, it is not mind control.   After completing a course on hypnotherapy, I started to use this tool to help my clients.  Many have issues with stress, food cravings or unhealthy habits they wish to deal with.  So far, I have found a high success rate with people who are open to the methodology.

When I first signed up as a camgirl, I never considered using my skills.  Through some amazing interactions, I have applied hypnosis to a realm I never knew would appreciate it so much.

While my procedure remains the same, the suggestions, triggers and outcomes are very different. Nevertheless, everyone who actively participates in hypnotherapy experiences the same, blissful sense of relaxation.

So what actually happens?  An individual is first invited to rest in a comfortable position.  There is no ball on a string or spinning wheel, just the sound of my voice.  Most choose to close their eyes, while some prefer to remain in a fully alert state.  Bear in mind that during hypnosis, you have complete control and can choose to leave the ‘trance’ at any time.  I prefer to use a simple guided relaxation technique during the initial stage.  Following on, I will deepen the feeling of relaxation and provide a scene for you to imagine.  Of course, this is akin to guided meditation and may people prefer to ‘drift’ to the sound of my voice, passing up on the actual instruction.  Now here’s the fun part; depending on the goal, whether it is for anxiety or for something a little erotic, I make my suggestions.  In a relaxed state, it is possible to ‘speak to’ the subconscious, bypassing our overactive conscious barriers.

Of course, to be able to truly appreciate this method, you must be open to it from the start.  When you allow yourself to relax, you can invite the positive feelings induced through this method.  For many people who choose not to participate actively in a session, hypnosis simply will not work.  Being ‘suggestible’ has nothing to do with being gullible.  In fact, I find those who have the most control in life and attitude are able to ‘switch off’ with greater ease.  For those who enjoy this form of guided meditation, the effects can last for quite some time.

Usually, the very first hypnosis session does not have the best success rate.  With our crazy lifestyles, we find it difficult to truly relax.  Practice does make perfect and often by the third session, it is easier to enter the ‘trance’ and fully enjoy the experience.  This was the case in my personal experience.  Unfortunately, I am not able to access my own therapist as often as I used to during the glorious days of my course, so I opt for self hypnosis.  There are some simple self induced techniques, but I usually end up listening to my own voice.

So, there you have it.  If you are unsure or a little nervous about hypnosis, I would highly suggest a guided meditation.  If not, have you ever taken just a few minutes out of your day to unwind, relax and just let your mind wander?  This means no tv, no distractions, no inner scheduling of tomorrow’s events.  Just you, an awareness of your own body and a span of time in which nothing else exists.  If you are fortunate enough to experience this on a regular basis, good on you.  However, if you feel your life is just too hectic, try spending a little time to invest in yourself.  You will find that the sky doesn’t fall just because you have chosen to take a little time out of your day to find ‘you’.


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