Single Life

1763842_1437680123It seems to be an ongoing quest for single members in social circles to become the topic of conversation simply due to relationship status (or lack thereof).  Friends and family find entertainment in matchmaking, and long term single individuals are viewed upon with pity or disapproval.

As a result of the social pressure, we often feel a need to find a partner.  Even if finding another person to share our emotions and time does not lead to happiness, we often remain in a relationship to avoid the label of a ‘single person’.

Many believe that one gender has it easier than the other.  Biological drives, increasing social and family pressure lead to the need to find any reasonably compatible human to ‘complete’ us.  However, that is an unfair and insensitive statement.  We all feel the longing to find someone who understands us and can fulfil our emotional and biological desires.

I find myself questioning the need to find a partner.  Perhaps I have not made myself ‘available’ or I am not investing enough time in this area of my life.  However, being caught in the relationship trap, I have no desire to enter into another situation that leads to little happiness.

Another reason, I am grateful to enjoy the cam-life.  With amazing connections from unique personalities from all over the world, I am able to satisfy my social needs and learn a lot along the way.  The internet is revolutionizing our interactions and allows us to question and forego with practices that have a cultural history, but no practicality.  The hope is that, over time collective intelligence increases and we are able to openly rid ourselves of the shackles of cultural expectation.

Exciting times indeed!


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