A Little More Self Exploration


Thought I would take a temporary diversion from the booty gains and explore the world of BDSM. In truth, I have only just discovered term (thank you wiki).

My curiosity led me to a very interesting test. Of course, I succumbed to temptation in order to discover more about myself. The test was very thorough and I still have yet to learn what a few of these terms mean. For now, here’s the result:

96% Dominant

96% Master/Mistress

86% Owner

79% Rigger

77% Primal (Hunter)

75% Degrader

71% Sadist

66% Vanilla

62% Brat Tamer

54% Daddy/Mommy

40% Ageplayer

26% Non-monogamist

22% Exhibitionist

21% Voyeur

18% Girl/Boy

12% Switch

10% Brat

6% Experimentalist

3% Submissive

3% Primal (Prey)

2% Pet

1% Slave

1% Rope Bunny

1% Degradee

0% Masochist

In comparison to others who have taken the test, it seems I not only present with very ‘male’ characteristics, but they are at the end of the BDSM spectrum. I wonder where this will lead. 🙂


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