Breaking Boundaries

Without entering a narcissistic rant, let me set the background of who I am first.  I come from an incredibly conservative background.  So conservative, that to utter words relating to genitalia, or even worse, sex, is met with strong disapproval.  Talking to a member of the opposite sex alone.  Oh no, no, no, no, you promiscuous heathen!

I exceeded the ‘requirements’ for an education, worked in a respected field and maintained the expected aura of shyness and female submissiveness to fit in with the cultural norms.  Such a waste!

Spending the majority of my time attempting to comply to these and other expectations, I have come to the realisation that it has not resulted in a fulfilling life.

Slowly breaking away from these cultural and familial shackles has already created a level of self satisfaction I didn’t think possible.

Enter the internet forum and self promotion.  It’s all about new experiences and discovering a level of self expression I did not think possible.

Is this a personal social experiment or a way of life?


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